Awesome Design Ideas for Outdoor Pools


We all agree that one thing that can turn a bad mood into a good one is to get wet either in the shower or in the pool, but pool is the best one option. It means we all are just one swim away from a good mood. Summer is ON so you need a proper plan to have swimming. Have you planned to have your own swimming pool right in your house? If not, then do it now because we are here with some stunning modern and luxury pool design ideas. You cannot only take benefit of getting aware by the pool designs but also the whole surroundings to make an idea that is completely applicable. So let’s soak in the sun with perfectly designed outdoor or open air pools in your house backyard.

First of all appreciation goes to the photographer for capturing this impressive view for viewers to get a perfect idea to enhance their pool area. You can clearly see the cool underwater pool design over the blue background color that is looking amazingly beautiful. The gazebo and all the arrangements around the pool are making it all in one package.

luxury swimming pool designs 0

Composite pools design is all time trendy and voguish. If you have enough space to cover with pool then this is the best option for you to pick. Artificial grass outlining is looking so graceful and enhancing the pool area by mounting it. Abstract styled gazebo and pergola are upgrading the walking path toward pool and the sitting area.

luxury swimming pool designs 1

The best feature of the below shown pool is that it can be adjusted in a small area too by parting it into two. The blue theme color is feeling ideal for the pool. Open air patio is really grateful for this pool to be there for giving a helpful hand to it and to amuse the family and friends.

luxury swimming pool designs 2

This is what called magnificent and glorious piece of art. The pool’s steps are welcoming and imposing one to jump in. the whole view is so soothing and relaxing so imagine how much would be the swimming experience. Lighting arrangements are perfect and the pineapple trees are giving it spectacular look.

luxury swimming pool designs 3 - 2

What an extraordinary work done by some wonderful designer. Two composite pools of different designs are making this pool design enchanting and captivating. You can have bath in the smaller one and can have long swimming experience in the bigger one. Kids can also get wet in the smaller bath pool. And they are definitely gonna love this idea.

luxury swimming pool designs 3

These composite style pools are mostly opt by resorts and rest houses. But if you choose this pool design for your house then it will turn into a bombastic attraction. This circular shape of pool is really extraordinary and unique one. The most enhanced part is the steps leading to the pool are beautifully and masterly designed.

luxury swimming pool designs 4

If you look at the whole view it will mesmerize you at once. It is a perfect architecture design with so many definitions. The white stone tiled path reaching to pergola patio is giving a big charm to the pool. The pool in the showing picture is working like a master piece. Edges are made up of dark blue tiles and the stone filling layer is putting amazingly beautiful effect. Nut in the shell, it is a complete package.

luxury swimming pool designs 5

The photo is taken from the pergola that is giving a wide and beautiful view. Pine trees are always a great charm to the pool design. A small round shape bath pool is leading to the stylish and uniquely designed pool to prominent the true beauty. So forget everything and get wet in open air pool.

luxury swimming pool designs 6

One can be amazingly astonished at what a designer could do. Designers’ minds have no limits at all. Could you ever imagine a long rectangular pool at the back of your house? If not, then this is your chance to have a unique and utmost setup for your pool ideas.

luxury swimming pool designs 7

I don’t know from where I should start. Sometimes beauty is unexplainable. If you watch out the tiny tiny details that are used in the following pool design you would know the extremely hard work done behind this beautiful pool dressing. Plants are looking so amazing with hidden lights and the whole environment is so relaxing and ofcourse romantic.

luxury swimming pool designs 8 - 2

An ultra modern voguish looked well manage pool idea is in your way. Get the idea for your backyard to make it look perfectly furnished. You can see a wall décor behind the sitting arrangement that how brilliantly it is designed. If you give a glance from pool to everywhere this wall is playing a key role in the beauty of full setup.

luxury swimming pool designs 8

What an excellent gazebo is this near to the pool. It is raising the beauty of the pool up to the peak. The dreamy dim lightened environment is making it more romantic and calm. The beautiful hanging light is helping the surroundings to be looked nice, soft and calm. Now you can enjoy in this pool and can rest under this gazebo every time without getting bored.

luxury swimming pool designs 9

There is no more elegance can be added. Sometimes designers go for beyond the limits and create speechless beauty. The house is amazingly beautiful and the prettiness moves till the gazebo and then from that end the pool start and come to the house and all this pool design ends at the extremely high level attraction. The big beautiful tree is looking astonished and the true enhancement at the corner.

luxury swimming pool designs 10

The following pool idea is perfect for resorts and other open places but if you are making your mind to have it in your house then it is definitely going to make your house heavenly beautiful. The main thing that is featuring the pool is that it is placed above the ground level. One more point is the water coming from the gazebos pillars, intelligent…!

luxury swimming pool designs 11

These umbrellas and the showering water have caught my eyes first in this stylishly furnished pool design. This is a perfect pool idea for your house backyard. The pots placed beside the lounges are really pretty and unique. Guarded trees in the side beds are giving a voguish shape to the pool.

luxury swimming pool designs 12

Isn’t it looking like two hearts attached together? Whatever is the idea, it has certainly worked well. The composite pools are always a big attraction. The sequence lower and upper styled plants beds are making the whole setup stand out. Lounges under umbrellas and the sitting arrangements are giving a space to get rest and have delicious meal after getting soaked.

luxury swimming pool designs 13 - 2

A shady pool under these big beautiful trees is giving and ideal glance. The whole setup is giving a unique look to a very common backyard. Especially pool is the real attraction. Lounges and sitting arrangements are putting spices on this professionally made dish. This is a quite affordable attraction that you should have for your house backyard.

luxury swimming pool designs 13

What a bright weather and how brightly it is effecting over the whole pool and the surroundings. The color scheme used in the following shown idea is making it glamorous and bright. Water lounges are welcoming us to jump in without any fear. Side plants beds are working like a beautiful scaling beside the pool and making it more attractive.

luxury swimming pool designs 14

Make your outdoor looks heart-touching at the first sight with this fabulous pool landscaping plan. The divine atmosphere is creating an attractive vibe in the backyard of the house. The creation will smartly raise the charm of your place while providing you a great space for swimming and relaxing.
outdoor pool design ideas 1

A fabulously adorned backyard of the house is creating a romantic feeling in the whole atmosphere. The delightful pool plan is so surprisingly ornamented to make your house appears luxurious. Two separate patios are greatly designed for your relaxing and enjoyment.

outdoor pool design ideas 2

How is embellished backyard design shown here in the image below? is not this plan attractive at the first sight? The entire pool designing looks luxurious and beautiful enough to make a part of the backyard of the house. The delicate beauty of gazebo over the wooden deck is leading this pool design to the boundaries of perfection.
outdoor pool design ideas 3

You guest and friends going to have a great amusement with this exceptional pool plan created for the renovation of the backyard. This backyard project looks superb with the delightful arrangement of the small beautiful lights alongside the entire pool location.
outdoor pool design ideas 4

An angelic view for the outdoor pool is shown here in the image. The idea is all embellished on the house having lake or river at the side of the house’s outdoor. This wonderful backyard adornment project will deliver you a great space for relaxing in the fresh, green environment.
outdoor pool design ideas 5

Another alluring backyard plan that will make you fall in love with the designing of a pool at your home. This fantastic pool plan is designed with a wooden deck on the side. This glamorous project will change the tedious outlook of the backyards by providing you a beautiful space at home.

outdoor pool design ideas 6

Outdoor pools designing at the backyards as well as at the front yard of the house has become a trend. By keeping the latest trends for the modern house creations, we have presented this extraordinary pool plan that will provide pleasure to your aesthetic senses by making the house exterior looks heart-touching.
outdoor pool design ideas 7

What a brilliant backyard decoration is given in the image below? This pool plan with a blue background seems breath-taking as the pool is design in the middle of the space and surrounded by different green plants. The creation of firepit with sitting arrangement is just amazing.
outdoor pool design ideas 8

Let’s transform the look of your backyards with the latest outdoor pool designs we have brought closer to you. This fabulous pool plan appears superb for your tranquilizing and having a great pleasure of outdoor swimming. A hot tub is also created at the terrace of the building.
outdoor pool design ideas 9

Before discussing the ideas for the outdoor pools, let’s praise the brilliant photographer for this backyard pool design, who have definitely work very well. The decoration is simple but the elegant one. This pool plan looks outstanding to spend your leisure time in the backyard of your house.
outdoor pool design ideas 10

Crafting a pergola at the side of the backyard pool plan seems heart-touching. This divine outdoor project is so amazingly styled out by a professional designer that why the whole area looks well–arranged. Now swim and relax at the delicate setting of the backyard.
outdoor pool design ideas 11

There are so many pool designs that do not require any other element to make them looks beautiful. This patio pool is the fabulous example of this project. This modern house is all ornamented with the dramatical designing of the swimming pool created in the backyard of the house building.
outdoor pool design ideas 12

Are you get bored with the simple appearance of your house, and looking for an impressive change, especially in the backyard? then just go with this motivational outdoor pool design. This delicate pool plan looks ready to raise the grace of the backyard while making you feel relaxed at the leisure time.
outdoor pool design ideas 13

A small but the adorable pool plan is shown here with the incorporation of stunning landscape area that has surrounded this project so beautifully. The outdoor pool is the best design for those, who demand a unique renovation character in their backyard, especially when the space available is small.
outdoor pool design ideas 14

Check out this handsome design for the outdoor pool that is artistically installed in the backyard of the house. The dreamy look and the stunning creation of the waterfall and hot tub both are definitely complementing this plan very well. You can also locate your dining furniture at the project.
outdoor pool design ideas 15

Custom design pool plans are the need of every house, especially when you are looking to adorn your space with something really special. This beauteous backyard pool idea will bring an innovating change in the humdrum impression of it by providing you a beautiful area for relaxing.
outdoor pool design ideas 16

This is another ravishing idea to adopt for the decoration of the backyards. This innovative pool idea is created with a fascinating outdoor kitchen project and with a unique design of swimming pool in it. The whole area is effortlessly surrounded by the freshness of trees.

outdoor pool design ideas 17

Patio pool designs are easily available on the internet. And the given below is one of the most admirable ones. The plan is dramatically designed for you and your kids. You will love to spend your time with your friends and family at the delightful settlement of the backyard of your house.
outdoor pool design ideas 18

A captivating pool landscaping project is the part of the image, that will charmingly creative plan to bring inside your house. This outdoor ornamentation is simply amazing. This time the outdoor pool is designed at the garden of the house where the wooden deck is created with a pool plan in it. outdoor pool design ideas 19

Advance the beauty of your houses, especially the backyard as according to your desires with these fascinating pool design given here for you. The classic use of small lights on the patio looks eye-catching. There is no doubt the designing of the backyard pool is simply luxurious but the house beauty is also complementing this project.outdoor pool design ideas 20

While decorating the backyard area with the desires of an extraordinary look, don’t forget to design a pool landscaping in it. The beautiful construction of the house seems luxurious when the backyard is adorned with a stylish pool plan shown in the image below.
outdoor pool design ideas 21

Let’s frame-up the pleasurable chit-chat time with your beloved friends and partners by opting this attractive backyard pool idea. The adorable designing of the pool landscaping will raise the charm of the backyard and will make you feel relax and comfortable in leisure-time.
outdoor pool design ideas 22

What is a great outdoor pool plan presented here? It looks wonderful for the houses as well as for the resorts and hotels. This fabulous pool idea is so attractively embellished with loungers having an umbrella on top delivering the best-shaded space while sitting in the pool.outdoor pool design ideas 23

If there is the large outdoor area available in the backyard of your house, then what are you waiting for? Just add an inspirational design of the outdoor pool plan and change the outlook effect of the whole house. The idea of pools will make you house looks welcoming in the backyards.
outdoor pool design ideas 24

Another ravishing design for the backyard decoration is the part of this post. Offering this design with a proud on it as the whole renovation is heart-wining just possible because of this fantastic outdoor pool plan. The attractive hill-side view is adding grace to this house outdoor as shown in the image below.
outdoor pool design ideas 25

Bring life to each area of your house with this elegant backyard pool plan shown here in this post. The most adorable renovation is only possible when the backyard pool idea is created with a stylish landscaping around it. The idea is brilliant to select at the first look.
outdoor pool design ideas 26

What is an amazing design for the outdoor pool plan shown here in the picture below? of course, heart-winning at the first sight. The whole arrangement seems exceptional as the pool is designed over a wooden deck. The deck looks well-formed for your comfortable relaxing after every swim.
outdoor pool design ideas 27

Switch the boring impression of the backyard by incorporating a stylish pergola, having the poles beautified with climbing plants. No doubt the hot tub is also the main character in the grace of this project. The stunning outdoor pool is smartly advanced with the unique planting and flowering pots.
outdoor pool design ideas 28

An interesting decoration of the backyard with a fantastic pool patio is shown here in the image below. The ravishing pebbles patterns at the floor and the angelic design of the wooden deck is boosting the attraction power of this backyard.  There is a large area available in this backyard pool design for the placement of different furniture items.
outdoor pool design ideas 29

Another brilliant design for backyard pool with a stylish waterfall plan appears lovely in the image given below. This fabulous backyard designing is fresh-looking and arranging a great area for tranquilizing. The pool patio appears delightful and converting this backyard to have a well-arranged texture.
outdoor pool design ideas 30

The appealing beauty of this pool plan with the unique sitting arrangement is just providing the character of royalty to this backyard. You can easily sit, relax, and enjoy the great moments of your life with your beloved family members. The view of this project will be brilliant at nights.
outdoor pool design ideas 31

Be creative, and bring life to the backyard of your house with this amazing outdoor pool design. The idea is glamorous and pebbles edging is the great reason behind its charm. The beautiful side-view of the sea and the hill seems breath-taking as shown in the picture.
outdoor pool design ideas 32

Let’s arrange the backyard of your house with a great use and provide pleasure to your aesthetic senses with this angelic idea patio pool. The idea is best one to opt. for the house having a normal space available for the gatherings and relaxing. Just go and make your house appears enjoyable for you with this stylish backyard idea.

outdoor pool design ideas 34

There is something really special in this backyard pool plan created with a fascinating backyard shed. The beauty of the shed with an awesome design of the pool is touching the heights of elegance. Lots’ of heart-touching adornment ideas are put together in this project, such as dining, outdoor relaxing and of course, the landscaping. outdoor pool design ideas 35

Just check out a delicate outdoor pool design designed with a fabulous wooden deck and check out the appealing beauty of the waterfall in the backyard shown here in the image. The fresh-looking green area is adding grace to this arrangement. You will for sure like this project when created in the backyard of your house.

outdoor pool design ideas 36

Choose out this inspirational pool landscaping designing for the backyard of the house that is wonderfully created with a hot tub and a waterfall creation in it. This dazzling look of the backyard will for sure bring a majestic change in the humdrum impression of your home. Beautiful and large pine trees also creating a lovely attraction at this plan.

outdoor pool design ideas 37

This is another captivating outdoor pool design that you can effortlessly install in any area of your home. The blooming charm of the red roses is added love in the pool area. This awesome backyard pool will make you just fall in love with the stylish area of your house.
outdoor pool design ideas 38

How beautiful the backyard of the house seems with this inspirational pool landscaping? The idea is effortlessly breath-taking. Let’s bath, soak, relax and eat at the fascinating arrangement of the backyard, presented by a brilliant designer. Beautiful white unbrellas are making this project simply amazing.

outdoor pool design ideas 39

A beautifully styled out pool area so attractively raise the charm of the whole house surrounding. The elegant designing of the outdoor pool plan with light-blue background seems adorable. The patio arrangement is simply glowing with this alluring patio pool.
pool house designs 0 - 2

The brilliant design idea for the patio pool with a hot tub and firepit setting appears breath-taking at the first influence. This adorable designing of this outdoor pool will make you allow to spend some quality time with your honorable guests and gatherings.pool house designs 0 - 3

Plotting the fabulous pool design with the pergola and the dining arrangement seems the perfect package for the outdoor. This beautiful setting for the patio pool with light-purple pool background and lights seems exceptional. The place is simply the royal one for your pleasurable outdoor time.
pool house designs 0

Look at the admirable presentation of this pool plan that is all styled out in the front of an outdoor sitting place. This alluring pool design with elegant waterfalls creating a lovely vibe in the atmosphere. You can easily design this idea with some loungers arrangement close to it.
pool house designs 1 - 2

The great looking idea of the outdoor pool house seems delightful with unique waterfall and the loungers placement near the pool. The designing of the pool house with curtains and some entertainment resources appears breath-taking. You will definitely find this creation the best place for your tranquilizing.
pool house designs 1

Another captivating pool house design is made a part of the picture where the divine beauty of the project is speaking on its own. The genius designer for this outdoor adornment has so impressively divided the house area into three portions. One with outdoor dining and the bar, second for relaxing and the third one for your gaming.
pool house designs 2 - 2

Another beautiful design for the outdoor pool house is shown here in the picture below. This place is so attractively renovated for outdoor gatherings and events. The ideal impact of this pool plan will make your guests really satisfied with your serving. So opt. it first and have a great time in the outdoor of your house.
pool house designs 2

Now catch out this fantastic design for the outdoor pool house, that appears comfortable and adorable in term of beauty. The dramatic plan for the pool landscaping is very well implemented at this outdoor area as shown here in the image below.  The pool patio is also available for the location of some unique furniture items.
pool house designs 3 - 2

The genius designer of this pool house have worked very well in the designing and in the acquaintance of freshness to the space. This plan is the great blend of modern and the ancient beauty. Look at the fabulous sitting arrangement and the bar designing with lots of lights under the shaded area.
pool house designs 3

The glorious piece of art for the pool plan with hot tub and the pool house is introduced here in the image. The magnificent designing of the pool to look beautiful seems really attractive. The outdoor relaxing place is smartly crafted for your peaceful outdoor time.
pool house designs 4 - 2

Check out the glorious pool plan that seems perfect for the coming summers. Feel relaxed, enjoy the freshness of plants and the cool feeling of the pool. You can also watch your favorite tv serials while having a great time with your beloved partner. A ceiling fan is also adjusted here for your great outdoor time.
pool house designs 4

Enhance the beauty of the patio and turn it into the attractive place for every single visitor with this extraordinary pool house project. The fascinating use of the lights is adding elegance to this pool. Loungers and the other relaxing setting makes it’s the perfect package for the outdoor.
pool house designs 5 - 2

A great pool patio plan that is all adorned like a house extension. The use of ceiling fans is just used to provide you the feeling of freshness, especially in the hot summers. You can also locate your kid’s toys and other accessories to have a wonderful time spending near the pool.
pool house designs 5

Looking for some privacy as well as maximum pleasure in the outdoor of your house, simply go with this idea. This glamorous pool house plan is so adorably adjusted over the small space but the designing is so awesome that makes it appear large. The delightful setting and the great use of space is raising the charm of this project.
pool house designs 6

Turn the outdoor of your house appear heart-wining with the right selection of your designer. The great architectural work and the renovation both seem ready to boost the beauty of the house area. You will feel royal while spending your time in privacy and peace.
pool house designs 7

Install something different in the outdoor’s beauty and for your delightful sitting. This pool house design is so smartly adjusted at the side of the pool, where the designer has used the durable wooden material and the waterproof fabric in it. The unique fireplace arrangement is simply awesome one.
pool house designs 8

People who desire to have the luxury setup in the outdoor of their house will definitely love this one. The setting, color scheme, and the architecture all looks perfect in this plan. The admirable presentation is at the first sight heart winning. You can relax, and swim as well as dine at the fantastic adjustment.
pool house designs 9

The custom design pool plan with the fabulous pool house is made a part of this large patio area. The brilliant arrangement for the Adirondack chairs near the pool is no doubt creating a fabulous seating setup. The frame-up of the pool house is simply great to spend time in the shaded area.
pool house designs 10

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